You could be the next “Chief Pizza Officer” for Yelp.

Brands are now offering cool and unique titles as a way of attracting people back into the job market, or simply for publicity. This has been a huge marketing opportunity for food brands. Red Lobster hired a “Chief Biscuit Officer”, while Top Ramen sought a “Chief Naoodle Officer”. McCormick hired a Director of Taco Relations. This trend is continuing with more brands joining the fun.

Yelp is jumping on the trend today with a fun title and actual cash. Yelp also announced that it has hired their first Chief Pizza Officer — a position Yelp says will “serve as the authority on all matters pizza, from deep-dish to Detroit style, pizza cones, personal pans, and pizza cones.” The salary is $25,000, and you get a lifetime of pizza free.

For consideration, pizza experts should submit a 30–60 second video explaining why they are qualified to assume the role of Chief Pizzeria Officer. The judges will evaluate the participants based on their passion for local businesses, their pizza pride, geographic location, and social media presence.

Are you looking for creative ways to share your videos with others? Apply for the CPO job on Yelp if you are interested! The deadline for applications is February 9 to February 28. A single CPO will then be chosen on March 15. The winner will need to sign an independent contractor agreement. However, the question is always: What are they expected do? This is hard work, or a quick way to make a lot of money.

The job of Chief Pizza Officer doesn’t seem so bad, if you read the rules. You would be the Chief Pizza Officer and responsible for posting videos and blog posts about different pizza places each month. However, you must pay all expenses. The $25,000 prize money will go to at least one person’s favorite restaurant!

Yelp also has an added bonus: it already does the research for you to find interesting pizza places. Food & Wine has a list of the “Best Pizza in Every State” if you don’t trust Yelp. A handy map is also available so that you can find the closest pie to you.