14 Foods to eat for your kidneys and tips on how to keep them healthy



A glass of water that is held by someone’s hands, set against a white background
While it’s the term “food” is not really a thing, we have chosen to include water on this list. Hydration is vital to your health; however, drinking enough water will aid in the functioning of your kidneys. It’s water that aids the kidneys in removing your blood and transforming the waste into urine.
How can you be sure that you’re drinking the proper quantity of fluids? The “eight glasses per day” isn’t an exact rule to be followed because different people require different amounts of water, based upon the quantity of water that our bodies lose during the day. Men require about thirteen cups of fluid per day, while women may need as high as 9 cups per day. Check the color of your urine to determine whether you’re drinking enough water. If your urine is dark yellow, it could indicate that you are dehydrated.

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