12 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Looking through the shelves at the supermarket, We usually pick notice of what we like. But is this actually the proper choice? A pretty appearance doesn’t mean quality taste or health benefits.

Here are some recommendations that will help you make healthy food choices:

1-Hard cheese

When you purchase cheese, you should pay close attention to the color as well as the texture, holes, and color. It should be smooth and not have a white crust.

Also, the holes must be evenly distributed across the entire chunk. If the cheese fails to return to its form when you squeeze it a small amount, it’s better not to consume it.


It is not red or even brown. Look for fat streaks.

They should sparkle and be extremely light. Good meat should be able to return to its original form and will not be able to stick to your fingers.

3-Ground coffee


Select a coffee with an average price. The cheaper one isn’t worth it, but the premium one’s flavor is similar.

The best ground coffee isn’t kept in plastic jars but in metal or glass containers. Take a look at the “best before” date, too, as it shouldn’t go past longer than 18 months.


Natural honey is translucent and has a uniform hue.

The best honey is sweet and has a distinct smell. Apply a small amount in your hands: If it’s easy to absorb through your skin, it’s good.